Universal push-button dimmer, also for LED/CFL, with central inputs, various operating modes


The ETD 2 electronic universal pushbutton dimmer can dim virtually any type of lamp (LED, CFL, incandescent, LV halogen with electronic or wound transformer, HV halogen) suitable for forward or reverse phase control.
Along with automatic detection of wound transformers in Auto dimming mode, the dimming mode can be set manually to forward or reverse phase control if necessary (especially for lamps with electronic ballasts). A special CFL dimming mode additionally provides an ignition and warm-up delay for compact fluorescent lamps.
The ETD 2 has two extra electrically isolated inputs that can also be used for group control. It can also be operated directly using a front button. All three inputs and the front button are individually programmable. This allows the dimmer to be switched and dimmed with one button, or alternatively with two buttons. Pure switching functions are also available. The memory function, slumber function, run time, soft up and down ramps, and initial brightness can also be configured.

Technical data

Typ: ETD 2
Artikel-Nr.: ETD209
EAN: 4046929201124
Spezifikationen: 230V AC 50Hz
Up to 500VA load
Abmessungen: 18 x 55 mm

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