Active double isolating relay 230V AC / 24V DC PELV, 2 changeover contacts


The ATR 2D enables the control of mains voltage consumers by low voltage contacts in a very simple way.
The necessary control voltage (24V DC PELV) for the extra-low voltage contacts is generated internally - thus almost all switching contacts (e.g. reed switches) can be used, which can be supplied with 24V DC. Due to the two control inputs and the two potential-free 10A changeover contacts, the ATR 2D is very versatile, e.g. for open/closed detection of gates, doors, etc.

Technical data

Type: ATR 2D
Item no.: ATR2D9
EAN: 4046929601238
Specifications: 230V AC, 2 potential-free changeover contacts 10A
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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