Central pulse switch

ISK 41

In electrical installations with several sub-distribution boards and residual current circuit breakers, the ISK 41 switchgear developed for this purpose can be used to create an economical central ON-OFF control system. The central control inputs are galvanically isolated from the inputs and outputs on the supply side by optocouplers. A potential-free NO contact is available on the output side. In contrast to conventional pulse switches with central control, ISK 41 can thus be connected between different networks, RCDs or potentials without decoupling relays.
  • The central control inputs are isolated from the inputs and outputs on the power side and can be controlled with AC or DC voltages of 8-230 V.
  • Central inputs (galv. isolated) for ZE (central ON) and ZA (central OFF)
Central lighting activation by means of burglar alarm systems with presence detectors, central lighting on/off switching of building sections by means of central panel, time switch or twilight switch.
See ISK 42 for more options (second relay output, additional central pulse input).

Technical data

Type: ISK 41
Item no.: ISK419
EAN: 4046929601030
Specifications: 230V AC, 1 NO 16A, potential-free
Central inputs: ZE, ZA
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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