Central pulse switch ISK 42 with additional relay contact and ZI

ISK 42

In electrical installations with several sub-distribution boards and residual current circuit breakers, the ISK 42 switchgear developed for this purpose can be used to create an economical central ON-OFF control system. The central control inputs are galvanically isolated from the inputs and outputs on the supply side by optocouplers.
The ISK 42 has a second potential-free relay contact (10A, normally open) and a central pulse input. In contrast to conventional pulse switches with central control, ISK 42 can thus be connected between different networks, RCDs or potentials without decoupling relays.
  • The central control inputs are isolated from the inputs and outputs on the power side and can be controlled with AC or DC voltages of 8-230 V.
  • Central inputs (galv. isolated) for ZE (central ON), ZA (central OFF), ZI (central pulse ON/OFF).
  • Additional relay output.
Central lighting activation by means of burglar alarm systems with presence detectors, central lighting on/off switching of building sections by means of central panel, time switch or twilight switch.

Technical data

Type: ISK 42
Item no.: ISK429
EAN: 4046929601047
Specifications: 230V AC, 2 NO 16A/10A, potential-free,
Control inputs ZE, ZA, ZI
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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